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Our Our Vivid World Emotional Intelligence Projects and Jodi's past art projects.

It's All About Me

Emotional Intelligence Workbook

A relaxing way to get back in touch with yourself. Contemplate questions that inspire introspection while colouring.

Spaces and Places

We feel deeply about places that are familiar to us, and yet are always attracted by the stories of exotic places and strange locations. With this project I am aiming to illustrate the intrigue we have for strange climes, AND to show that familiar places are OUR stories, and interesting by virtue of being different from others’ and rewarding to share. - Jodi


My first art interest. I try to use the colour and lines to indicate not only the likeness of a person, but something of the mood, the person's charisma, or the celebration of life. - Jodi

Anecdotes of Affection

A project depicting the beauty of our emotional connections to each other as humans. Not about who is portrayed, but about experiences which resound empathically and remind us of the beauty of existence. - Jodi


A project starting shortly after Anecdotes of Affection. Just a quick note on objects from childhood that give the warm and fuzzies. - Jodi

Country Kitchen

A project about appreciating the small luxuries of home, started one very cold Minnesota winter when I was super glad to have a nice place to live. - Jodi

Immersed in Emotion

Emotion can be as physical a sensation as swimming in a cool lake, or looking into a bright light. This project is about visually representing emotional and physical sensation. - Jodi

Sayings and Playings

A project focusing on the light side of life. - Jodi

Storybook Narratives

A project depicting stories and fantasies. - Jodi


A project which started with me practising live drawing everywhere I went, and became more about making another person smile. - Jodi


This is just the beginning.

Jodi Gray

Artist and Bossy Boots

Hi, I'm Jodi Gray. I'm a freelance artist, creative and designer from Australia. I have a passion for Emotional Intelligence, and pretty much all of my artwork, for the last twenty years has been aimed at connecting to myself and others about the things that matter - the things we love. Things like our family, friends, relationships, and places we are attached to, but (tbh) also humour and things like chocolate, coffee and snarkiness.

Denise Hand

Writer and Clinical Psychologist

Words are my thing. I place them with care into conversations which crystallise understanding, illuminate unconscious emotions and allow their emergence into the freedom of expression. I get my buzz from seeing that light bulb moment, that awakening of awareness to the realisation that reality is our own construct, and that we can have hope and happiness no matter what our circumstances.

Fiona Gray

Musician and Genius

Musician, dedicated proletarian revolutionist and big hearted inclusionist. -Jodi

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Emotional Intelligence


Identity can be described, but not well. The magic of being, as large as the universe, Cannot be confined with words, Which are used only to aid connection, On the surface level, When underneath we Read more…

Managing Yourself

Family of Mixed Feelings

I found Archie Roach when I was looking songs for National Sorry Day.  Particularly, “They Took the Children Away” and “Munjana“.  I was just reflecting on Archie Roach’s feelings, and the feelings of people from the Stolen Read more…