This is just the beginning.

Jodi Gray

Artist and Bossy Boots

Hi, I'm Jodi Gray. I'm a freelance artist, creative and designer from Australia. I have a passion for Emotional Intelligence, and pretty much all of my artwork, for the last twenty years has been aimed at connecting to myself and others about the things that matter - the things we love. Things like our family, friends, relationships, and places we are attached to, but (tbh) also humour and things like chocolate, coffee and snarkiness.

Denise Hand

Writer and Clinical Psychologist

Words are my thing. I place them with care into conversations which crystallise understanding, illuminate unconscious emotions and allow their emergence into the freedom of expression. I get my buzz from seeing that light bulb moment, that awakening of awareness to the realisation that reality is our own construct, and that we can have hope and happiness no matter what our circumstances.

Fiona Gray

Musician and Genius

Musician, dedicated proletarian revolutionist and big hearted inclusionist. -Jodi

Fiona Gray is a musician/composer (voice, guitar, piano, bass, harmonica). She does solo gigs & plays piano & sings in Toowoomba band, Jungle Detour.