When I tried the recipe for Tapioca Pudding I found here my daughters and I enjoyed it very much.  I decided to call mine ‘Caramel Tapioca Pudding’ because due to cooking it for a fairly indeterminate time instead of the 2-5 hours suggested the sugar and milk caramelized which was divine, and very very rich.

In a second attempt at the recipe I cut back the sugar, and I still loved it, but my daughter missed all that richness.  I also had bad reviews from the 5 year old niece and the 9 yo nephew, but as they had to be scowled into taking a taste at all and insisted that anything made from slimey-ness wasn’t fit to be eaten, they don’t count.

In order to glorify my kitchen and help simplify cooking for me (the visual thinker) I decided to illustrate the recipe to adorn my wall.

Thanks  Stephanie O’Dea  this is a jewel. 



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