Part of the motivation behind the series I’ve done of landscapes and scenery has been because of my personal quest to live a rich life with MDD.  Feeling like a part of nature has been long held , and now also shown scientifically to be good for our health and wellbeing. 

When I returned to Australia in 2013 I had been through sustained stress, and was at a low, low point where my nervous system was just done.  I needed to focus on healing and mentally coming to terms with trauma.  Part of the process was to take up plein air painting.

Queensland is a vibrantly alive place, and to walk around in it, feel it, smell it, and sit and paint it was (and continues to be) a form of communing with,  and being a part of nature, and thus to also be something amazingly complex, gorgeous beyond comprehension and stunningly remarkable.

Beyond the experience of doing it, I felt it worthwhile to try and create something that could capture, or at least remind us of, that sensation in a format that is portable and shareable.



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