Somewhere in me is the ability to be Superwoman.  Deep (deep, deep) inside I’m brilliantly intelligent, amazingly energetic, dazzlingly efficient, and impressively effective.  It’s terribly perplexing when I can’t get off the couch unless the house is on fire, when I wake up in the morning and can’t figure out what day it is, when the steps I need to take to achieve a goal swim around in my head, when instructions I’ve written in better times don’t make any sense now.

Hidden in my neocortex (where I can’t reach the bastard) is a voice that tells me it’s EASY, just go and… (F%*k, what was I going to write here.  Oh well).

Adam Singer wrote:

When your mind is in top shape, you will:

Have greater motivation and focus
Get more done
Come up with more creative ideas
Find inspiration more often
Remember more
Experience a better life

And then he had some pretty good ideas about making one’s mind sharper.

Let’s face it though, whether it’s ‘top shape’ physically, or mentally IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.  Brains are ORGANIC which means crazy shit goes on in there.  Some are grown with weird kinks in them, some have damage inflicted on them, some are bathed in the wrong mix of chemicals, some are traumatized, and I’m pretty sure, ALL of them haven’t been given the optimal nutrition and exercise programs for very long in their neuron electrifying existence.

While we play the self-improvement game, let’s remember it’s just a game, not a measuring stick, and it’s the company we keep, and our experiences, that makes life beautiful.  Also tragic, and boring, and scary, and smelly, and confuzzling, and yet still beautiful.

While our organic nature irritates that jerkface in my neocortex, the loops we jump through to try and run our lives smoothly and effectively are actually pretty freaking hilarious.   Never stop playing at life!  Also, if the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off!



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